Headshot Preparation

Clothing guidelines for your professional headshot

Avoid prints or patterns; solid colors work best.

People tend to worry too much about what they should be wearing when going to a photo shoot. Being physically and mentally in the best condition for your shoot is more important than what you wear. Go ahead and carry a few options of what you love to wear. If you intend to use your headshot for your professional work then carry a jacket or what ever your dress code at work is. 

The best part about headshots is that everything goes! Formal shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, cardigans, light jackets work well. Remember solid colors work best! You must avoid tops with prints or patterns on them. 

I need you at your best on the day of your shoot.  Avoid a late night the day before and make sure you get a good night sleep. You will look and feel your best, which helps make the best images possible.

A headshot is one of the most important investment you can make for your career. So you should present yourself in front of the camera exactly as people would see you in person. 

Hair and makeup

guidelines for ladies before your headshot

It is not necessary to hire a makeup artist for your headshot session. But ladies do need a basic makeup. Carry your personal makeup kit to the studio. We have a separate space at the studio for you to do your basic makeup yourself. Do remember to blow dry your hair too. You could also visit your local salon before you arrive at the studio for your headshot session.

Your headshot is going to be the best you!

A foundation that suits your skin tone always works wonders. We all have that one friend who is amazing with makeup. Maybe you can bring them along to the photography studio to help you out. Think of it as if you were presenting yourself at a meeting or heading out for a nice evening with friends. 

guidelines for men before your headshot

Your headshot is going to be the best you! So come prepared as you would for a important meeting. You are the best judge for your personal grooming. We suggest that you talk to us should you have issues with dry or oily skin. We are more than happy to guide you and ensure that you are looking your best for your headshot session. 


  • Avoid plain white tops. 
  • Avoid tops with prints and patterns. 
  • Oversized tops make you appear larger and heavier - avoid them. 
  • No turtlenecks.
  • Avoid anything that may be see-through or revealing. 
  • Loud jewellery distracts. If you choose to wear jewellery go with something simple and elegant.
  • Bring couple of changes of clothes. We will pick which looks best in front of the camera. 
  • Bring a sport jacket with a formal shirt for the corporate look. 
  • Carry a choice of ties that go along with your jacket and shirt. 
  • Bring clothes that you are comfortable in. They need to fit you well.
  • Carry your clothes in a hanger! Make use of the cloths rack we have at the studio! 
  • Carry your hair spray and your favourite hair brush.
  • Guys wanting multiple facial hair looks, bring your own shaving gear.
  • Music get's your game on? Bring your own music along! I just want you to be ready to rock.


To deliver a consistent quality all images are put through a retouching and post production process. Retouching includes cleaning pimples, blemishes or sun spots as required.

What you get

The headshot session includes one retouched image. Any additional image would be charged extra. The final finished version of your chosen headshot will be provided to you via email. Upon request we can crop the images as per the specifications of social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.