Headshot - Why do you need one?

Well, like it or not everytime your photo appears online in search or on social media you are being judged. A professional headshot puts your best image online. If you are being judged, might as well be your best image!

In your digital life your online presence is your new identity. Your headshot is your first visual impression. Sites like LinkedIn have become the central point for every professional. It has becoming increasingly important to present yourself "digitally" no matter what your profession.

Think about your headshot photo as your personal brand ambassador online. For someone who does not know you, your headshot photo is your only chance to make your first impression bold enough that compels them to want to connect with you (other than your bio ofcourse).

Remember that old saying – Out of sight out of mind?

A headshot photo refreshes your image with already acknowledged and established relationships. In ways this helps you to keep yourself fresh in sight of everyone you are connected with.